Provident Camera Ghost Sign in Downtown Cincinnati

Provident Camera Ghost Sign in Downtown Cincinnati

When Provident Camera closed earlier this year, I didn’t really hear people mourn its loss. Maybe they accepted that stores like this no longer need to exist in neighborhoods like this. For us, though, the loss was significant, since now we have to go to Kenwood for our specialized light bulbs. In any case, here is the ghost signage Provident has left behind.

Provident Camera Ghost Sign in Downtown Cincinnati


Provident Camera Ghost Sign in Downtown Cincinnati

Provident Camera Ghost Sign in Downtown Cincinnati

Provident Camera Ghost Sign in Downtown Cincinnati

9 thoughts on “Provident Camera Ghost Sign in Downtown Cincinnati

  1. People loved ’em or hated ’em. I kinda fell into the latter group. I think mail order/internet has really creamed this industry.
    For online lights, you might try That’s where I used to get my xenon arc lamps.

  2. “Love” is a strong word but, for philosophical as well as practical reasons, we very much prefer to shop locally whenever possible. Earlier this year, as the drama of the big blizzard was unfolding and the city was essentially shutting down, we had just enough time to run out to Provident, Suder’s and the Vine St. Kroger to stock up on everything we needed. We spent the next few days cooking and screenprinting.

  3. As much as I support local businesses, they simply did not keep their stock up-to-date and just could not compete on a more regional level. There is no reason to go to Kenwood’s Cord Camera as it is vastly more expensive than K&R Photographics in Fort Thomas, when you can order it from Adorama and Amazon for a very fair price. When I walked into Provident, I would find out-of-date products, mounds of dust on the products and a very dated and unappealing product selection. It was also more expensive — on the lines of Cord, and for many budget-conscious consumers (e.g. art students), they can simply find a better deal elsewhere.

    For that, I support K&R Photographics for my film equipment. For what I can’t find there or get in less than two days, I go online.

  4. Sherman, thanks so much for your tips. We were never particularly enamored of Provident, but it certainly was convenient. If we have to drive to get light bulbs, a trip to Fort Thomas sounds a bit more exciting than going out to Kenwood.

  5. Very cool post. I was kind of sad to see Provident go as I found it was the only place to really take me seriously as a customer when I was younger. When I first got into photography around the age of 16/17 I got one of my film SLR’s fixed here. The folks were friendly and recommended some books I should read. Places like Cord camera never gave me the time of day when they walked in cause I guess they figured some kid browsing the store wasn’t going to shell out any big bucks to make a sale.

    Regardless, as sad as it was to see a local place like this go, there are so many better deals on the internet. BH Photo and Amazon can provide better prices and selection than any store in Kenwood ever could.

    Even though I shoot Canon, it’s neat seeing that old sign. Cool post visual!

  6. thanks, that was a nice post to go through, I look forward to reading more of your stuff. great signage on that building, too bad the business is gone.

  7. i shop at K&R Photographics located off of Buttermilk Pike of I-71 & I-75 in Northern Kentucky. they specialize in professional photographic equipment but also handle other items like point and shoot cameras. been a customer for about thirty years.
    give them a try at 859-341-6986.

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