Cincinnati Footprint Print by VisuaLingual

Cincinnati Footprint Print by VisuaLingual

Hot off the presses is our largest serigraph yet –20×28 inches, and three colors. The print shows the Ohio River, downtown, Over-the-Rhine, Mt. Auburn, Clifton, the University of Cincinnati, and parts of Queensgate, the West End, and Mt. Adams. You can recognize the major buildings and landmarks by their distinctive shapes. The coordinates in the lower left corner reference the heart of Fountain Square.

Cincinnati Footprint Print by VisuaLingual

The colors are dark green, pale blue, and orange-red on heavyweight bright white, acid-free, recycled stock from French Paper. The paper measures 20×28 inches, and the print was printed in an edition of 20, each signed and numbered. The print is available framed at MiCA 12/v and unframed in our online shop.

Cincinnati Footprint Print by VisuaLingual

Those of you who know our work are familiar with the Over-the-Rhine Footprint print, which has been our biggest hit to date. We’ve printed it on practically every color imaginable, and on wood veneer.

Seeing this new print, I’m wondering if it isn’t time to revisit the design of the other one. What do y’all think? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Or, am I right that it’s time?

Cincinnati Footprint Print by VisuaLingual


12 thoughts on “Cincinnati Footprint Print by VisuaLingual

  1. maya, pls chill out with the making of such awesome stuff. you are going to singlehandedly kill my budgeting efforts. it’s really cool that i can see the pool on top of my old apartment building at 4th and plum, though 🙂

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  3. I officially want this.
    I bought my mother in-law the Florence watertower print this Summer and almost bought the OTR print for my husband at Christmas last year. But, this one may have truly captured my heart… I’ll have to check it out at Mica. Great work!

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  6. Where can I buy this? It was not on the Etsy site – and are there any Over the Rhine prints in green left??

  7. Hi Christine, and thanks so much for your interest in our prints! We’re currently working on a new edition of this print. It will be in our online shop within the next few weeks.

    With the OTR print, we switch colors every six months or so. Right now, we have it in grey on yellow and also dark red on blue. [We’re hoping to have time to print a couple of different versions over the next few weeks as well, but that’s a lower priority than the Cincinnati print.]

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