Enjoy Your Weekend: art everywhere this weekend, from downtown Cincinnati all the way out to West Chester.

Charley Harper Skateboards: we have our deck, and now you can get one, too.

Cedric Michael Cox Interview: our talented painter friend Cedric discusses OTR as his muse; Soul within Structure, an exhibit of his new paintings, opens at the CAC tomorrow.

More Jane, Less Marc: a brilliant DIY campaign by Mike Joyce of Stereotype Design.

DAZE, ROKE and PRIEST Peel Back History in Birmingham, Alabama: a brand-new mural peels itself back to reveal its 30-year old predecessor. Wow. Just wow.

Down at the Corner Store: photographers Karla and James Murray document NYC storefronts.

Moonjoo Lee, Painter of New Nature: Urban Decay, Debris, Demolished Buildings: just that; awesome work.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. During the 1980’s I drove or walked by that building in Birmingham a thousand times, but I remember the mural as being much more muted and weathered. They must have cleaned it for the ’05 photo.

    I knew a girl who tried to open a nightclub in that building, without
    bothering to obtain a business license, liquor license, etc.
    She was also waiting tables at a restaurant I managed in Homewood.
    When the city raided her off-the-radar club, she called me and said
    she wouldn’t be into work her shift because she had “jail issues.”
    This was around ’88 or ’89, when people were starting to say “issues,”
    instead of “problems.”

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