Intergalactic Quilts by Jimmy McBride

quilt by Jimmy McBride

NYC-based artist Jimmy McBride creates intricate quilts based loosely on the forms of different galaxies, which are available in his online shop. I think Sun Ra would approve.

quilt by Jimmy McBride

quilt by Jimmy McBride

quilt by Jimmy McBride

quilt by Jimmy McBride

If you like Jimmy McBride’s work, check out also quilts by Ian Hundley, Haptic Lab, Leah Evans, and Citizen:Citizen, which I’ve written about before.

Via AT.


7 thoughts on “Intergalactic Quilts by Jimmy McBride

  1. These quilts are stunning; thanks so much for posting! They inspire me to try my hand at quilting, although I don’t expect a spectacular outcome like this.

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