Smallest Village 2010 Calendar

Smallest Village 2010 Calendar

I may be the only woman who is not in love with the store Anthropologie. In fact, I find its clusterfuck of faux flea market finds to be very un-Karl Farbman-like. Gorgeous stuff, but a bit overwhelming. But this? This 2010 calendar takes the shape of a little village, and it’s pretty much adorable.

Smallest Village 2010 Calendar

According to the product listing, “Within this paper mansion, six smaller abodes reside, each with a piece of the calendar year set against their clapboard and cedar siding.” Okay, so it is a bit twee, but it’s also the most inventive calendar I’ve seen in a while.

Smallest Village 2010 Calendar

If I were setting up a tableau with this calendar, I would add in the knitted village of Mersham, sprinkle in some of Helen Nodding’s miniature follies, and connect it all with some Autobahn tape roads.

Via Decor8.


8 thoughts on “Smallest Village 2010 Calendar

  1. How can you not love Anthro? I covet almost everything from that store, and this calendar is so precious that I’m ordering one for myself right now. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Oh, you haven’t lived. Anthropologie is where you can find spendy, fanciful doodads such as this $400 felt pendant light.

    The Farbman reference is from an episode of Seinfeld in which Elaine is dating a guy who works for a famous furniture designer named Karl Farbman, supposedly the creator of all that is good in contemporary design. I meant that Anthropologie doesn’t jibe with my Modern sensibilities; it’s sort of froo-froo.

    If none of that makes sense, you’re not missing much, I guess.

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