Chicago Flavor Connections

Chicago Flavor Connections

If you spend time in Over-the-Rhine, you have surely noticed more rehab and building activity on Vine St., slowly moving up toward Kroger and my beloved Smitty’s. This cute little post office seems to be part of the action.

Chicago Flavor Connections

That’s great and all, but where did the glorious signage for Chicago Flavor Connections go? If it wasn’t donated to the American Sign Museum, it should have been donated to us, lovers of vernacular typography and urban esoterica. Behold the signage that was:

Chicago Flavor Connections

We even included a bit of this sign in one of the prints in our Accidental Aphorisms series:

Accidental Aphorisms print by VisuaLingual

This series, in case you’ve somehow missed the news, is currently part of the Fall Sale in our online shop.


8 thoughts on “Chicago Flavor Connections

  1. I always liked that little post office.
    I hope it doesn’t turn into a driveway for the neighboring condo’s garage. That’s what its looking like.

  2. It’s refreshing to find someone who is so open about their process. Your print is more meaningful to me now that I can see exactly where the language and typographic forms come from. I hope you’ll continue posting in this vein.

  3. Thanks! I guess the background fodder always seems a bit obvious and uninteresting to us because it’s all so familiar. We’ll continue to peel back the curtain, I guess.

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