What Happened to Downtown Cincinnati?

downtown Cincinnati obscured by fog

I woke up yesterday morning to discover that Over-the-Rhine was, in fact, the edge of the universe. My trusty friends, Carew Tower, the Kroger Building, et al., were nowhere to be found. Who imported all this fog from San Francisco?

Let’s compare the view yesterday morning to others I’ve captured before. Here’s what I typically see, from the post Of Food and Justice:

Kroger building in downtown Cincinnati

An awesome rainbow spotted in April 09. Duh, Kroger is at the end of the rainbow:

rainbow sunset in the city

Even during the Great Blizzard of 2009 [Oh, the horror! It’s a snow emergency! Shut down the city!], I was still able to catch a glimpse of the Kroger Building:

snow in Cincinnati

But yesterday morning? I tell you, the universe ended at Central Parkway:

downtown Cincinnati obscured by fog


3 thoughts on “What Happened to Downtown Cincinnati?

  1. Love that snowy picture. Looks like it could be 100 years old. OTR in the winter is fantastic.
    I live about 2 blocks from Spring Grove Cemetery. Sounds like a great place to go in the fog but the bratchnies don’t open the gates til about 10 when the fog is usually gone.

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