Clifton Heights Mural by Jenny Ustick

Clifton Heights mural by Jenny Ustick

This ArtWorks mural by Jenny Ustick was recently completed, on the corner of McMillan and Wheeler in Clifton Heights. Like last year’s Campy Washington mural by Scott Donaldson, this one acts as a kind of “welcome” sign for the neighborhood and is filled with local architectural references.

Clifton Heights mural by Jenny Ustick

Clifton Heights mural by Jenny Ustick

Clifton Heights mural by Jenny Ustick

Clifton Heights mural by Jenny Ustick

Clifton Heights mural by Jenny Ustick

Clifton Heights mural by Jenny Ustick

If you’re curious about murals in Cincinnati, check out my photos of the Emanuel Center by Scott Donaldson, A Seven-Foot Love Letter to the Queen by William Schickel, John Weld Peck Federal Building by Charley Harper, Ghettopia by Douglas Smith, and the one I call Eyes on the Enquirer.


16 thoughts on “Clifton Heights Mural by Jenny Ustick

  1. Wow, this looks great. The best part is that the wall it went on was really quite ugly and drab. Great addition to the neighborhood and I love the nod to Clifton Heights’ German roots – something that may not be known by everyone.

  2. I should add that I really love the floating 3D type — it brings a bit of the German heritage and some 1980s heavy metal to Clifton Heights. Seriously, this could be a bad-ass album cover.

  3. This is incredible – nice work, Jenny!

    I have to agree that the floating type is really great, but my initial reaction was Harry Potter (esp. with the “castles” in the background) – acknowledging the local German roots, and at the same time creating a kind of mystical European folklore. (If that’s the intent) Really great concept and excellent execution!

  4. Yea!!!! that is so beautiful, and took the whole area up a notch, it adds such sparkle to it!!!! I would love to have someone do a mural on my building…..please let me know if you are interested……

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