The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum, or TOM, is an outdoor exhibit of large-format design pieces, mounted as free-standing billboards. This temporary public art project by ArtWorks is currently on display at Mount Airy Forest.

My photos are from TOM’s installation in Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park earlier this summer. These billboards are only a few of my favorites. Really, the entire installation needs to be experienced in person to best appreciate the breadth of interpretive approaches to the “green” theme.

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

The Outdoor Museum 2009

These billboards were created by teenage apprentices last summer under the direction of my partner Michael and with mentoring from local design firms. Kudos to everyone involved!

The banners from TOM 2006 have been recycled into really cool graphic tote bags that are available for purchase at ArtWorks downtown and at Park+Vine in OTR.


5 thoughts on “The Outdoor Museum 2009

  1. I loved TOM when it was in the Friendship Park, the perfect venue for environmental themed art.
    Art highlighting consumption as barges full of coal or oil floated by.
    Can’t get that impact in a museum.
    Maybe one year they can do an urban theme and move it around the city.

  2. Wasn’t the 2006 exhibit in Burnet Woods? I remember I had gone on a college visit to UC and we stopped at Burnet to check it out and they had something similar to this set up, it was awesome.

  3. Gordon, I think that display might have been before my time in Cincinnati, or at least I never saw it.

    Schwartz, I remember seeing your photo that captured what you described perfectly! It was a great shot.

    I’d love to see the billboards in an actual billboard environment — on buildings and by the side of the freeway, where actual commercial billboards live. In that sense, although seeing these in a park is really cool and surprising, they don’t really function like billboards, but more as outdoor art.

    Anyway, check out the totes made from the old billboards! They’re all different and really cool-looking, and your purchase supports a great cause.

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