Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

The ArtWorks mural on the side of the Emanuel Center at 13th and Race Sts. in Over-the-Rhine was recently completed. Scott Donaldson of last year’s Campy Washington mural in Camp Washington was the lead artist, packing the mural with lots of local visual references just as with last year’s project.

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

I have two observations that aren’t really negative. One, the mural’s site on a south-facing wall perpendicular to Race St., which is one-way going south, makes it nearly impossible for drivers to see it. As a pedestrian in a very pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, I actually appreciate that [knowing, of course, that this is due to happenstance and not public art strategy].

Two, the Campy Washington mural makes me laugh. It’s full of knowing, witty references to its site, with the central figure of George Washington in drag serving as a play on the neighborhood’s name. This mural is also full of local references, but there is no punchline. It makes me smile, but I’d love to laugh.

Anyway, why quibble? I’m really looking forward to seeing all of this summer’s murals in person, and I especially appreciate the ones, like this one, that I will be seeing on a regular basis.


12 thoughts on “Emanuel Center Mural by Scott Donaldson

  1. I was wondering where the mural on Race St was and when I saw the location I immediately thought it’s facing the wrong way when I ride the bus home.
    My very next thought was that nothing in the CBD or OTR should ever be done to accommodate people in cars. I’m jumping off the bus at Washington Park and checking this out.

  2. I’m glad you came around! If you choose to walk down Race St., you’ll also get to see the latest crop of sidewalk drawings made by local kids, hear some new beats, check out the shirtless hotties who hang out in front of the Lord’s Gym, and maybe even get your horoscope reading from Andre. Good times!

  3. LOL, yes I get to marvel at the hardbodies outside lord’s Gym when the bus stops at 12th, funny, the worse shape they’re in, the less clothes they wear.

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