Small Town Scenes by Nicholas Takis

Broadway by Nicholas Takis

Broadway by Nicholas Takis

Nicholas Takis was born in NYC in 1903 and passed away in 1964. He studied at the Art Students’ League, New York School of Fine & Applied Art, and New York Evening School of Industrial Art. His work was exhibited in NYC and Pittsburgh, among other cities.

Croquet by Nicholas Takis

Croquet by Nicholas Takis

Busy Street by Nicholas Takis

Busy Street by Nicholas Takis

Blue Balloon by Nicholas Takis

Blue Balloon by Nicholas Takis

Red Balloon by Nicholas Takis

Red Balloon by Nicholas Takis

Airship by Nicholas Takis

Airship by Nicholas Takis

Airship? WTF?

I mostly look at the work of my contemporaries for inspiration, but it’s also good to look to the not-too-distant past, at the work of people like Takis, or Mark Coomer, or Katsuyuki Nishijima, or even Þórarinn B. Þorláksson. That traces a bit of a lineage between past and present.


23 thoughts on “Small Town Scenes by Nicholas Takis

  1. Tim, I try to archive cool stuff here as I come across it, but I haven’t seen these prints for sale anywhere yet [just the paintings, for $400-ish each]. I’ll have to keep hunting!

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  3. i recently purchased two of these paintings. one is a street scene featuring bycycles, and the other is a street scene with autos,, any one have any ideas where i can find out what these are worth

  4. For anyone who enjoyed the images I posted above, there is currently a lot of 4 of Takis’ serigraphs going for $290/BO on eBay. I’m personally a lot less smitten by them than I am by the images I had posted here. The frames, which I’m guessing are original, are really ugly.

  5. I have a couple of his serigraphs if anyone is interested in them. I can email more information to any interested parties.

  6. Judy, you may try looking for a gallery or dealer specializing in his work, or work in his style and/or of that period. Checking out eBay might also provide some idea of current values.

  7. I have found two prints under glass just as the two above. Busy Street, and Broadway. The two have old wooden frames that are NOT in very good condition, but I dare not remove them in fear of damaging the work. On the back of the artwork it is written in pencil: P 180 M 125 Takis. And on the seal is written the name of the artwork. I have no idea what these are worth, but would be interested in speaking to someone that might be interested in them.

  8. I just found a painting under another picture after buying what turned out to be an original P. Sigal drawing of “Palm Passage – St. Thomas”. He was a famous street artist from the virgin Islands from 1956-75. I went to clean the glass and then all this backing turns out to be an original N. Takis painting signed and dated 1935. I paid $8.00 for it at the local Good-Will store. Haven’t found the title for it yet, but I will. It’s of a milkman pulling a cart with two blue jugs on it down the middle of a winding street with three building on the left, a small square pinkish house on the right with a group of trees with long black trunks and round green tops with black, white and olive green dots. There are two green hills in the back ground as well as light blue mountains and blue sky.

  9. I have 2 of Takis’ prints. Love the colors. Both are street scenes. One has a man with his monkey sitting on the music box. The other is of an ice-cream truck. The original frames are in very good shape. Will post them on Ebay soon if anyone is interested.

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  11. I have come across two original N. Takis water colors, in my possession. Both are farm scenes and in some old frames. After researching I have found they are priced at $300 to 600. i would like to put them up for sale ( personal or auction) but do not know where to start.

  12. I found two signed Nicholas Taki’s paintings hidden behind pictures I bought at goodwill. One is of a city street and the other of ocean harbor. Any idea where the best place to get a value on these?

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