VisuaLingual for the Haile Foundation

Haile Foundation privacy decal by VisuaLingual

The offices of the Haile Foundation in downtown Cincinnati needed more privacy for the main conference room, which is separated from the entry foyer only by a glass wall. What would be more appropriate for such a locally-minded organization than an image of the Ohio River and its environs?

Yours truly created a design inspired by our Ohio River coasters, which was fabricated in frosted vinyl by Worldwide Graphics in Over-the-Rhine, who also handled the installation.

Haile Foundation privacy decal by VisuaLingual

Haile Foundation privacy decal by VisuaLingual

Haile Foundation privacy decal by VisuaLingual

Haile Foundation privacy decal by VisuaLingual

Haile Foundation privacy decal by VisuaLingual

It was a nice surprise to find that someone at Haile, inspired by the wall decal design, purchased both the Ohio River coasters and the Vine Street coasters for the conference room.

Haile Foundation conference room table with VisuaLingual coasters

We create locally-inspired products and also relevant commissions. This decal project was fun, and a great larger canvas for the design that had previously been reduced to a set of coasters. So, if anyone out there is interested in something similar, please get in touch!

13 thoughts on “VisuaLingual for the Haile Foundation

  1. Ok, I know this sounds mischievous, but wouldn’t it be fun to have a mapping exercise where you stuck those round colored stickers in different spots to indicate favorite places? coffee shops, art galleries, etc. It would ruin the elegance of the design, but it could come in handy, right?

  2. Gosh, it’s so nice to get all this positive feedback! To be perfectly honest, I’m not only proud of this outcome, but also of the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to work with a client who didn’t take the path of least resistance and actually agreed that this custom element was worth pursuing.

    I’ve also been working with the Haile folks on growing the art collection in their workplace. The space is getting some unique pieces from area artists! I’ll post photos of that at some point as well.

  3. Very nice, although it’s hard to see the forms exactly. Was that by design? Would it have been possible to use material of a different color for an enhanced graphical effect?

  4. Ben, the idea behind this decal wasn’t so much about making a strong statement as it was created to provide privacy during a meeting. So, that’s a bit humbling for a designer, but my task was to stay subtle and add privacy while allowing sunlight into the reception area. If sunlight weren’t an issue, I could have chosen a brightly colored vinyl and made a completely different statement.

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