Audacious Ad in Columbus

audacious ad in Columbus

I spotted this large-scale ad in downtown Columbus a couple of weeks ago. I’m not really a fan of intrusive advertising, but is this one more offensive because it’s so obnoxious, or is it just obnoxious enough to be amusing?

Obviously, the cars are props, and the “spilled paint” on the building was done in cahoots with the building owner. But, is the Nationwide ad a prop, too? Its size, placement, and colors all complement the Coops Paint ad, and even the “life comes at you fast” slogan fits perfectly with the spilling paint. Hmmm…

audacious ad in Columbus

audacious ad in Columbus

audacious ad in Columbus

audacious ad in Columbus

audacious ad in Columbus


10 thoughts on “Audacious Ad in Columbus

  1. Yeppers, I live in Columbus and can confirm: It’s a Nationwide ad. (They have a whole campaign around skewed ads, i.e. another looks like a billboard for a new car, but on second look, the car’s been graffitied, its doors and wheels have been stolen. I have to hand it to ’em, it’s a pretty eye-catching campaign.)

  2. I looked into this after Dan’s comment and was embarrassed to find that, while my theory was on the right track, my conclusion was completely wrong! I can’t believe I’ve been duped by advertising!

  3. Well, it’s a cool campaign and draws a second and third look, which is good for the building and the pay lot too – a win for everyone I guess.

    Nice find, Maya!

  4. Ahhh… they’ve done these types of ads for quite a while in downtown Columbus. I do miss the Mini Cooper on the side of the building.

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