Enjoy Your Weekend: lots to do this Friday and Saturday, in Over-the-Rhine and beyond.

Rediscovering Cincinnati: a NYC-based architect returns to Cincinnati and shares his adventure in words and pictures.

Zig Zag Roof Scavenger Hunt: another architect roams Cincinnati in search of Modern zig zag roofs.

First Ever Historic Covington Coloring Book to Debut This Fall: oh, to be a kid again!

Stripping Away the Darkness as Murals Are Reborn: restoration magic, one inch at a time, at 30 Rock.

opencitydetroit: “Dreaming of starting a business in Detroit?” Actually, now that you mention it, that’s a lovely notion…

Beef Posters: one designer uses his power to try to start beef between cities, e.g. “Cleveland will kill New York.”

One thought on “Elsewhere

  1. The mural restoration at Rock Plaza reminds me of the restoration of the ceiling in Grand Central. A friend of mine, upon first seeing it, had what she called an Arthur C. Clarke moment: “My God—it’s full of stars!”

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