Cities and Suburbs by FLOR

Hello Down There by FLOR

FLOR is an innovative manufacturer of modular carpet tiles, which come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, some suitable for office use, some for home. Oddly enough, two of their latest kits, entitled Hello Down There and Be My Neighbor, focus on cities and suburbs!

Hello Down There by FLOR

Above, Hello Down There. Below, Be My Neighbor:

Be My Neighbor by FLOR

Be My Neighbor by FLOR

FLOR should really commission Seyed Alavi for a design similar to the carpet installation in the Sacramento International Airport.


4 thoughts on “Cities and Suburbs by FLOR

  1. i had FLOR tiles for a while and they sucked. they kept coming unstuck from the floor. if you get them, tape them together with carpet tape and use it like a rug.

  2. I really love the idea of FLOR — the fact that it’s all modular, that they’ll accept and recycle used tiles, the color and pattern options, etc. But, I’ve heard complaints similar to yours, the price is actually fairly high for the office-type look, and I don’t think I could commit to any of their choices. The two I’ve noted here are kind of cool, but I’d never live with them!

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