PLACEMADE: A VisuaLingual Work Survey

PLACEMADE: A VisuaLingual Work Survey

Here at VL HQ, we’ve been cooking up Cincinnati-centric graphic goodness for the past couple of years. We hope you’ll be able to join us for the opening of PLACEMADE, a survey of our serigraphs, at MiCA 12/v on the corner of 12th and Vine in OTR. The reception will take place on Fri 31 Jul, 6-9pm. Please stop by and say hello!

MiCA 12/v carries a lot of our work, from functional objects like trivets and tea towels to our hyperlocally focused screenprints like the OTR Building Footprint print. This exhibit will bring together approximately 25 prints total — some you have probably seen, at MiCA 12/v and elsewhere, and others that have been hidden away in our studio until now.

Over-the-Rhine is the place to be this Friday night! Check out Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center and in the galleries on Main St., plus the new Vine-L Friday on Vine St., between Central Parkway and 13th, where the area shops will be hosting exhibits and other special events. Make a night of it!

Streetflake print

Corner Grocery print

OTR Building Footprint print in Cinnamon

If you’re not in the Cincinnati area, check out our online shop. If you’re on Facebook, become our fan for occasional updates and inspiration.


9 thoughts on “PLACEMADE: A VisuaLingual Work Survey

  1. Damn, I really wish I could see this in person. I’ve really enjoyed the bits and pieces I’ve seen online. Will you document the whole exhibit for those of us who are elsewhere?

  2. Thanks! We’ll eventually have full documentation online. Right now, we’re just focusing on getting everything ready and getting the word out!

  3. Just met you through your name via d*s…Here’s to an excellent show, and it’s probably about done now.

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  6. Our exhibit has been extended for another month, with another reception this coming Friday, 28 Aug, 6-9pm. We’ve switched up our display, so stop on by and check it out!

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