Limestone Sofa by Robert Huff

Limestone Sofa by Robert Huff

Curl up on the couch with the paper? Don’t mind if I do! Located at 1159 North High St. in the Short North district of Columbus, this limestone sculpture was designed and carved by Akron-based artist Robert Huff. Apparently, this site once housed furniture stores so, in addition to providing seating, the public art project hearkens back to the history of its site.

Limestone Sofa by Robert Huff

Limestone Sofa by Robert Huff

Limestone Sofa by Robert Huff

Much like the mosaic bench in the California Woods outside Cincinnati, this bit of public art [can I call it civic design?] provides both beauty and function, in addition to a pleasant surprise for passersby.


11 thoughts on “Limestone Sofa by Robert Huff

  1. From across the street, I thought it was an actual, sun-faded couch!

    Short North was fun. I hadn’t been there in over 7 years and, wow, it’s changed. The stores were a good range from eclectic to snooty, and it seemed fairly busy for a Sunday afternoon in the Midwest. I did notice a sign for a restaurant that described its food as “poetic,” and another restaurant whose name was “bodega,” so I had a couple of eye-roll moments, but it was all in good fun.

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  3. Bodega has kind of gone down hill, food quality wise, but I still like it.
    You HAVE to try Jeni’s when you visit the Short North.
    Its amazing just how busy the place is, but tons of shops and restaurants will do that.
    Next trip up I want to try North Market across the street.
    That and Dirty Franks.
    Depends on the time of day I guess.

  4. no, haven’t seen it, but sure liked it — a kind of capstone to gardenwiseguy’s career with the city. enjoyed his other ‘orticultural flickr sets, and his blog (see his profile).

    another link via my delicious garden tag.

  5. I cannot believe this is even real… That is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen that could fully pass for a real sofa. It’d be funny to see someone try to hijack it to find out it weighs a few hundred

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