Enjoy Your Weekend: starting this morning, downtown and way beyond, have a great weekend!

Reincarnated McMansion Project: turning one McMansion into two homes, applying best practice environmentally sustainable design principles.

Bodega Party in a Box: “Love your neighborhood corner store? Yeah, so do we. Show it off in all its splendor — including its fresh produce — by throwing a Bodega Tasting Party.”

Sign of the Times: Johnny’s Big Red Grill closes, and Cornellians all over mourn the demise of its amazing neon sign.

The NYC Reality Freak Show: “In NYC Prep, as in The Real Housewives of New York City, Manhattan is a kind of moral hell, corrupted by money and power and baubles and drinks.”

The Gutter Punks Have Arrived!: heh, the flip side of the above link.

“Bandslam” Shows Us the Effects of Gentrification on the Youth: picking up on both of those themes, Jersey teens sneak into a shuttered CB’s in upcoming film.


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