Enjoy Your Weekend: lots to do this holiday weekend.

Charley Harper Original Art Exhibit: next Saturday, a long-lost treasure trove of Harper’s paintings for Ford Times and Lincoln Mercury Times will be unveiled at Fabulous Frames & Art in Montgomery.

Punk Institution Receives City Money for New Building: a major victory for ABC No Rio and its “culture of opposition since 1980.”

No Longer Empty: a collective of curators and artists steps up to take advantage of shuttered storefronts in NYC.

Art Deco Buildings: a blog documenting Art Deco architectural porn around the world. Yummy!

Turf War at the Hot Dog Cart: like unruly children at the playground, NYC’s Old School and New School street vendors battle it out with intimidation and tattling on each other.

Nearly Completed High-Rise Collapses in Shanghai: OMFG!


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