Cincinnati Is My Home

Cincinnati Is My Home by VisuaLingual

We created this new serigraph, entitled Cincinnati Is My Home, to commemorate our three-year anniversary in Cincinnati. The bizarre outline of the city is printed on a variety of the craziest vintage wallpapers ever created, which we got from our friends at Variegated. Each print in the edition of 20 measures 16×12 inches and is available framed at MiCA 12/v and unframed in our online shop.

Cincinnati Is My Home by VisuaLingual

Cincinnati Is My Home by VisuaLingual

Cincinnati Is My Home by VisuaLingual


5 thoughts on “Cincinnati Is My Home

  1. These wallpapers are outrageous! What an incredible find! I love the seemingly abstract print on them as well.

  2. Thanks so much, Arianna! The wallpapers really were an amazing find and, given how abstracted the patterns are at this relatively small scale, it made sense to pair them up with the outline of the city, which also seems abstract unless you recognize the really specific reference.

  3. Hi, I just saw a link to these prints on Design*Sponge and had to tell you that I think these are absolutely fabulous! I love the way you’re reusing these wallpaper samples. I don’t have a connection to Cincinnatti, so I’m wondering if you’ve ever thought about doing versions for other cities, or doing a custom piece for someone? Thanks in advance!

  4. Leslie, thanks so much for your kind words! We definitely plan on printing more images on these vintage wallpapers. We may develop prints for cities we’ve lived in, and we would be open to a custom piece, but we forewarned that the price would be much higher than the current prices for our prints. Feel free to contact me privately if you’re interested.

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