Enjoy Your Weekend: tonight’s a big night in Over-the-Rhine, but there’s tons going on all weekend.

Staking a Claim in OTR: kudos to Jessie Cundiff for everything she’s been doing over on Main St.

The Self-Service City: in Seattle and beyond, city life is becoming “shrunken, less personal and meaner on one level, more neighborly on another.”

Common Ground: The Seminar: interesting summer course at Cornell, co-taught by Lebbeus Woods; via Mockitecture. Go Big Red!

Parental Lifelines, Frayed to Breaking: according to the New York Times, there is trouble in Trustafariastan, a.k.a. Williamsburg.

Beyond Hipsters: Williamsburg’s Tough Economic Realities: New York Magazine’s weak rebuttal.

Where Did Your Favorite Sitcoms Take Place?: fascinating map and info — only one sitcom has ever been set in Staten Island, and two in the Bronx.


3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I saw that NYT article about the trustafarians of Williamsburg right after I got back from Renegade. Sales sucked—now I know why!

  2. Norton, thanks for the slideshow. I really love so much contemporary Iranian art and design — I don’t know if it’s because I come across so much of it that’s really good in my eyes, or if there’s some deeper reason why I connect with it. And now you’ve introduced me to even more!

    Grace, I’m so sorry that Renegade was a bust. Maybe the trustafarians will actually get jobs and be able to afford your work soon!

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