Seed Bombs at Park+Vine

seed bombs by VisuaLingual

Our Midwest Seed Bombs are now available at Over-the-Rhine’s own Park+Vine, in addition to Outside, also in OTR, as well as Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago, Rose Bredl in Columbus, and our own online shop. We’re also adding a bunch of new work to our own online shop this week. Tee-hee!


2 thoughts on “Seed Bombs at Park+Vine

  1. Hey! I made a batch of seed bombs myself…a very messy process. They didn’t turn out as classy as yours did…Good job! The prints look great!

  2. Yeah, they’re not difficult to make per se, but it’s a pain gathering the materials, and it is a really messy process. It’s a bit like making Russian tea cookies. We’ve gotten pretty good at it by now — ours come out really neat and consistent.

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