Ann Dancing by Julian Opie

Ann Dancing by Julian Opie

If you haven’t been to Indianapolis in recent years, it might surprise you that the city has been developing an ambitious public art program — a combination of temporary and permanent pieces by local, regional, and international artists. Downtown’s silly slogan of “amazingly always new” actually rings true when I see a new public art project on practically every visit.

I’d previously written about Mass Transit by Chakaia Booker and Reclamation by Lesley Baker, two temporary installations. The piece pictured here is Ann Dancing by English artist Julian Opie, who is well-known for his highly reductive, figurative work. Ann dances away in front of Old Point Tavern on Mass. Ave. It is part of the permanent public art collection in the city.

Ann Dancing by Julian Opie

Ann Dancing by Julian Opie


6 thoughts on “Ann Dancing by Julian Opie

  1. Cleveland was progressive like this during the 80-90s, but I haven’t been up there lately to see if they’ve carried the momentum.Every project had to put 1-2% of their budget towards public art.
    I wish Tarbell could have made something happen with his public art proposals, but they seem to have faded away.

  2. I totally forgot about Artworks, they are doing the most underrated civic works right now.
    love or hate the murals, they beat blank walls.
    I happen to love them.

  3. A quick look at the projects in Cincinnati created through the Ohio “Percent for Art” program shows how little impact it has. The most recent project was in 2005. There are 11 projects, 8 at UC. The funding only comes from public building over 4 million and the art is only as good as the process that creates it. Which is pretty bad in this case. There are certainly successful Percent for Art models around the nation. But Ohio’s is not up to snuff.

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