Brooklyn Map Blankets by Haptic Lab

Fort Greene map blanket by Haptic Lab

Soft-Maps are quilted dupioni silk blankets with hand-stitched sections of the Brooklyn street map, created by Haptic Lab. Pictured here is a crib quilt with a map of Fort Greene on it. Hello there, Flatbush Avenue!

Fort Greene map blanket by Haptic Lab

Fort Greene map blanket by Haptic Lab

Compare this blanket to the relatively colorful quilts by Leah Evans and the downright gaudy American comfort quilt by Citizen:Citizen [or incredibly clever, or sharply ironic, depending on your point of view].

10 thoughts on “Brooklyn Map Blankets by Haptic Lab

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  2. Do you have a queen-size quilt for the Chelsea area of Manhattan? My daughter lives on west 16th St and my son, on West 13th Street. I would love to have a quilt made for my daughter. And what would the price be. I would like a white background and a medium brown thread used.

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