VisuaLingual Work in Situ

VisuaLingual work in situ

Our friends Jeremy and Christine were two of the friends we visited in the Bay Area over the holidays. They’ve been living in their super-cute storybook bungalow for about a year now. They were finishing renovation six months ago and are now in the midst of decorating and prettifying.

Jeremy was sweet enough to send me some photos of our work in their home; it’s always so cool to see how people live with what we’ve created! Above and below, Michael’s screenprint of the SCPA crane, which was based a photo I took about a year and a half ago and includes a hard-to-see layer of OTR ghost signage.

VisuaLingual work in situ

VisuaLingual work in situ

Above and below, my OTR Anagram print, which is also available at MiCA 12/v on assorted vintage wallpapers, and a set of our streetflake trivets, left over from Winter Yoo-Hoo at ArtWorks.

VisuaLingual work in situ

VisuaLingual work in situ

Above and below, a poster promoting Open House 2005 at Montserrat College of Art, which I designed with the uber-talented Liya Hoshi. It has a glow-in-the-dark underprint that features a crab with Pacman and Ms. Pacman claws.

Montserrat Open House poster by Maya Drozdz and Liya Hoshi

Over the years, Jeremy and Christine have amassed an archive of our work that’s probably even more comprehensive than our own. I hope that they’ll share their entire home with the public in the future; it’s got gorgeous bones and is impeccably decorated.


3 thoughts on “VisuaLingual Work in Situ

  1. What a gorgeous house! I especially love the cheery kitchen, and your work fits in perfectly!

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