Apex Ghost Sign in OTR

Apex ghost sign in OTR

At the corner of Henry Street and Clymer Alley in Over-the-Rhine sits this lovely building with its chunky Apex signage. Nice.

Apex ghost sign in OTR

Apex ghost sign in OTR


6 thoughts on “Apex Ghost Sign in OTR

  1. I don’t know why, but that sign cracks me up.
    One of my favorite parts of that area of town, is the wooded hillsides beyond all the old urban stuff.

  2. I love that Cincinnati has these hilly wilderness areas. Now if all the public stairs were still open and maintained, I’d love it even more.

  3. I heard on the Brewery District walking tour that this building used to be Christian Moerlein’s Ice House, so that furniture co was a tertiary use somewhere down the line. Speaking of wooded hillsides…I always marvel at how green it looks, even in areas where I know there are houses. Its incredible how different areas like Clifton and Mt. Adams look compared to the photos from the turn of the last century, when they essentially looked clear-cut. I am kind of happy that nature has returned, but a lot of that is probably rampant undergrowth and invasive type plants. It would be nice if we could maintain the green-ness but have some cleaned up areas so some of those side streets going up the hill didn’t look like overgrown ruins. Beyond old scenic stairs, I also marvel at the ghost lots of all the old houses. It seems like there are so many small stone retaining walls with stairs that go up to enter just woods and dense brush. (check out the Mt. Adams density!: http://notetaker.typepad.com/incline/2005/12/historical_view.html)

  4. I always thought of that bldg. as “Colways’s Furniture,” after the sign facing Henry St. Apex Furniture went right by me. What a great name. Makes you want to go by some furniture. Everything nowadays is focus-group-tested, Bed, Bath and Bayonne.

    One of the old funiculars might have been visible from that corner, although maybe a little to the right. The city is widening the lower Clifton curve, and I hope what looks like one of the old funicular support piers will be left intact.

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