Eyes on the Enquirer

Eyes Behind the Enquirer mural in downtown Cincinnati

This mural is on the back of a building directly behind the Enquirer Building in downtown Cincinnati. These shots were taken from the alley. I like thinking that the eyes are watching the Cincinnati Enquirer to ensure justice and impartiality. I’m making that up, of course; I have no idea. Anyone know the story behind this?

Eyes Behind the Enquirer mural in downtown Cincinnati

Eyes Behind the Enquirer mural in downtown Cincinnati

Eyes Behind the Enquirer mural in downtown Cincinnati

Eyes Behind the Enquirer mural in downtown Cincinnati


7 thoughts on “Eyes on the Enquirer

  1. one of my daap professors once told us he was involved with a mural program in the 70s that covered sides of downtown buildings with mod, geometric 1970ish patterns colors. i think you can see the remains of one across the street from the old provident camera on 7th. maybe this was part of that mural program?

  2. Yes, when I arrived in Cincinnati in 1978, there were a number of fairly new murals scattered downtown. I vaguely remember one of a series of windows, with silloutes of lovers embracing; these eyes posted here; a yellow/orange/green geometric shape; and a big red bolt. There were probably more that I don’t remember. All very pop-artish. They made Cincinnati seem, to me as a newcomer from NY, whatever the opposite of stodgy is. I also have memories of an accompanying set of silk screens, sort of like studies, that I ocassionally saw hanging in various offices. I’m thinking, maybe Carl Soloway had something to do with it.

  3. Wow, thanks so much! I’ll definitely have to track down this book, and also get around to posting photos of that supergraphics things across from Provident as well.

  4. That’s it. That’s the one I was talking about. I remember the others mentioned by Blue Ash Mom as well.

    I had imagined they all ended up like a Rabo Karabekian’s painting in Bluebeard- the paint curled up and falling into a pile at the bottom of the building (canvas) like corn flakes. I always suspected that is why Vonnegut tied Karabekian to Cincinnati (Married to a Taft and reluctant part-owner of the Bengals). But I think I probably imagined most of that.

    Had not realized Mr Soloway was involved.

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