Enjoy Your Weekend: tons of reasons to hang out downtown this weekend!

So Maybe the Slackers Had It Right After All: “We moved to San Francisco and Brooklyn and Mission Hill. We jumped from job to job. Put off marriage. Never bought a place… We’ve got no house to lose, no career to dash, no school-aged children in need of pricey Wii gaming systems.”

Brooklyn Residents Voice Complaints over Ice Cream Jingles: “Let’s take back McCarren Park from the ice-cream vendors… they are young, rude and ruthless… terrorize everybody with their jingle…” Hilarious!

What’s in an American Name?: filled with fun facts, such as that Winnebago means “person of dirty water” in Algonquin; via Cincinnati Revisited.

The Luxury City vs. the Middle Class: the Creative Class, aging Boomers, YPs, and the humble Middle Class.

Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Sets: details of the release of LEGO versions of Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum. Wow!

Artistic Tanks: oil, propane, water, and awesome.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. ” But these communities can only grow if cities focus on those things critical to the middle class such as maintaining relatively low density work areas and shopping streets..” -Joel Kotkin….What? Why?

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