Queen City Art Racks Poster by VisuaLingual

Queen City Art Racks poster by VisuaLingual

In an effort to bring green public art to the Queen City, ArtWorks is planning Queen City Art Racks as an ongoing public art project. Of course, to promote this effort, the coolest poster ever was needed. Thus, Michael designed this, and I helped him print it on chipboard.

Queen City Art Racks poster by VisuaLingual

Queen City Art Racks is a project of functional artist-designed bike racks that will be installed in locations throughout the Cincinnati region. Artists are invited to help make the Queen City a more creative and greener region by submitting ideas for these sculptural bike racks that will celebrate and enhance the character and utility of our communities. Artists, designers, sculptors and bicycle enthusiasts living in the Cincinnati region may submit proposals as teams or individuals. Multiple submissions are welcome.

Queen City Art Racks poster by VisuaLingual

I’m bragging about the poster mostly, but I also hope all area creative types will consider submitting proposals for this unique project. Complete details and an RFP are here.


10 thoughts on “Queen City Art Racks Poster by VisuaLingual

  1. Kathy, I’ve only seen the part of the show that’s at Park+Vine, but I should have mentioned that the poster and RFP are going out now because May is Bike Month. Duh.

    Matt, I’m glad you like it, but it’d be better if it inspired you to submit a proposal, or to get your friends to do it! Seriously, this is such a great public art/civic design opportunity.

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