Here and There by Schulze & Webb

Here and There by Schulze & Webb

Interaction designer Jack Schulze and engineer/designer Matt Webb opened their London-based design consultancy, Schulze & Webb, four years ago to explore mobile, web, physical computing, interaction and sociality. Their latest project, entitled Here and There, is a pair of views of Manhattan that combine map and projection into a single image.

As an observer, you’re standing at a specific intersection, looking up the street and past buildings. As you gaze farther away, you seamlessly switch to a bird’s eye view, with the rest of the city seen as it would be on a more conventional map.

Here and There by Schulze & Webb

Here and There by Schulze & Webb

Read more about the project on the firm’s blog. I’m fascinated by cartography and have mentioned other cartographic projects here before, from the abstract to the silly, to the almost practical, but I’ve never seen quite like this before. What would Ed Tufte say?

Via The Map Room.


8 thoughts on “Here and There by Schulze & Webb

  1. It’s not that weird – to me, at least. I’m a big fan of this retro future stuff. Anyway, we all know how art builds on itself, trends are cyclical, etc. (esp with everything accessible via internet for reference).

    Here are some others that I like (that are similar)…
    Disney’s 1982 Von Braun vision
    & another Don Davis piece.

    By the way, I would never have found Schulz & Webb’s work without you – so yours actually torpedoes mine to kingdom come. Again, very cool – thanks!

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