Photo Furnishings by Téo Jasmin

settee by Téo Jasmin

Téo Jasmin, the Paris-based studio of Angéline Bailly, uses digital printing to bring photography into the home in new ways. What do you think? Fanciful or ridiculous? I’m on the fence, but I’ve certainly never seen anything quite like this before.

chair by Téo Jasmin

lampshades by Téo Jasmin

pillows by Téo Jasmin

Via If It’s Hip, It’s Here.


5 thoughts on “Photo Furnishings by Téo Jasmin

  1. This is all kinds of dumb; sorry. The shapes and colors of the photographs and the objects they’re on have no connection to each other. The effect is arbitrary and gimmicky instead of clever. What a misuse of good photography!

  2. Fair enough. At first, I thought the first piece was kind of cool, since the architecture and the lines of the settee are of roughly the same period. But, you’re right that the white doesn’t relate the colors in the photo. Plus, I’m not an expert on period furniture, but the separate cushion doesn’t seem appropriate for that piece. In any case, it certainly is different!

  3. I love the first one. I’ve seen these screened images on pillows and it’s hit or miss, but the row houses contrasting with the settee are just fun and whimsical. why not!?

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