Ghost Sign in Brighton

ghost sign in Brighton

On Central Parkway at Brighton Place, the old Brighton Fireproof Storage Co. looks like a veritable ghost sign castle perched on a hill.

ghost sign in Brighton

ghost sign in Brighton


3 thoughts on “Ghost Sign in Brighton

  1. That building is so bizarre. It is like 6 buildings kinda moshed together. I think I have seen it on fire about 3 times.
    It just keeps on.
    One day it will encompass the entire city.

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  3. The Brighton Fireproof Storage building is one of my favorites. It looks like at least four floors were added on top of the original two and there are at least three more levels between McMicken and Central Parkway. Photos from the subway construction circa 1921 suggest that there may be even more basement below. One confounding feature is that there is no real freight entrance, so everything stored there had to be hand-carried from the street to the elevator. The storage building seems to share its foundation with the rest of the buildings, suggesting they were all built at the same time yet the style of the architecture is not consistent, with the building to the south looking more like a cathedral than a business.

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