Enjoy Your Weekend: klezmer, acrobats, rock’n’roll fashion, and hella pansies!

2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Winner: Union Terminal kicked the Roebling Bridge’s butt in the final showdown!

Village Mob Thwarts Google Street View Car: hee, not a headline from The Onion.

Detroit Cash Keeps Hometown Humming: Detroit is but the latest community to hop on the Ithaca Hours bandwagon.

The 3/50 Project: “saving the brick & mortars our nation is built on” [great idea, though it should really be “saving the brick & mortars on which our nation is built”].

The United Countries of Baseball: now that it’s baseball season again, here’s what the US really looks like.

The Sudden Charm of Public School: “saying you’re interested in sending your kids to public schools used to be a taboo among a certain group of people… Now it’s actually kind of cool and in vogue.”


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