New Work by Sanna Annukka

Marimekko textile by Sanna Annukka

From a childhood in the small Finnish town of Paltaniemi, through her schooling at the University of Brighton, Sanna Annukka has been exploring the visual storytelling of nature and folklore, particularly The Kalevala, a collection of Finnish folklore songs. Some years ago, she started selling limited-edition prints in a Scandinavian design shop in London [like this print I coveted almost a year ago], and now she is collaborating with international companies like Marimekko and Topshop.

Marimekko home accessories by Sanna Annukka

Marimekko textile by Sanna Annukka

Marimekko textile by Sanna Annukka

Marimekko bag by Sanna Annukka

Marimekko home accessories by Sanna Annukka

Above are two of her textile patterns for Marimekko, including home accessory applications. Below, casual fashion for Topshop. Here is where I might complain that these tops are only available via the Topshop UK site, but they’re actually sort of dowdy-looking. Cool graphics, but not great fashion. Nonetheless, it’s great to see the work applied in a new way.

Topshop tank top by Sanna Annukka

Topshop fashion by Sanna Annukka

Via Homebug and designboom.


5 thoughts on “New Work by Sanna Annukka

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  2. love your etsy shop and glad to see you are writing about Sanna’s wonderful art! She truly is spectacular – as a design lover and marimekko fanatic, its great to see the two come together.

    we have almost all of these items on our website along with tons of other great items.
    please check us out and good luck!
    ; )

  3. Thanks, Monica! Since you’ve checked out my work, you can probably understand why I’m such a fan of Sanna Annukka’s new Marimekko wares. I hope that collaboration continues.

    For those in Cincinnati, MiCA and MiCA 12/v carry Marimekko, although I haven’t seen this line there yet.

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