Serigraphs by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

Mark Coomer was born in Bay City, MI in 1914. He lived in the Chicago suburbs for a while and later in Arizona, while exhibiting his paintings and limited edition serigraphs nationally. Coomer passed away in 2004.

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

Above, three Chicago serigraphs in our, ahem, personal collection. Below, more Chicago, NYC, and oil derricks, all available at the Vintage Poster Bank in Mt. Lookout. Other series of his that I’ve seen include New Orleans, Williamsburg, VA, a frontier town, and Mexican and Italian village life.

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

serigraph by Mark Coomer

Here’s the best part, found on the back of each framed print: these serigraphs, printed on masonite, are washable!

serigraph by Mark Coomer


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  2. Randy, these prints can be had for about $100-150 each, and they’re usually framed in the frames that Coomer [I guess] designed for each series. Our Chicago prints are in these funky shadowbox-type frames; the New Orleans ones are in ornate wrought iron-type frames, etc. The ones at the Vintage Poster Bank are all unframed, I believe.

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  4. I found 3 of his chicago prints in a shadowbox frame at the ark (thrift store) in chicago. Loved them-20.00 a piece. Then 2 months later found 2 of his New Orleans prints in the basement of a vintage store. Yesterday, I found 1 more of his Chicago shadow box prints at an antique mall for 65.00. Mark Coomer keeps following me ! I love his stuff-especially the Chicago pieces,

  5. Thanks for much insight on Mark Coomer. I am in the process of clearing an estate of a woman who had not decorated since 1960! It was like stepping in a time machine.I always like to do some research when I step into homes like this one. She has 2 Mark Coomer serigraphs on the wall of her dining room. Both in matching frame and mat. One is of the Palmolive Building, the other is the Wrigley building. I’d like to see these go to someone who would really appreciate them. If anyone is interested, they will be up on craigslist in a week or so.

  6. Ooooh! A friend of mine just bought a Palmolive Building print on eBay. You should post the Craigslist links here, for anyone who’s interested.

  7. I’ve posted the pair of “Coomers” on craigslist. While entering the post, I found the original seller (W.T. Burger) mis-labeled the pictures. I mention this in the ad, and I have to say it confused me at first. Being from Chicago, I should know the names of the more famous buildings at the very least. Just to be sure I googled Wrigley Building,to find I was right, “they” were wrong!
    The ad is Or just go to craigslist-Chicago,type in Mark Coomer and the ad should come up. It is listed under art/crafts.

  8. I am happy to say I sold the Coomer serigraphs to a guy who is a Coomer fan. His eyes got really big when he came to pick them up! He did not realize how big they were. I was sad to see them go, but I know they went to a good home. Thanks for all your help Visualingual.

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  10. I have three Serigraph Jackson Square, The Turks House, Brulatour Court in shadow box frames.

    Jackson Square: Line 222, Frame # 400Wal-87FS Order # B547

    The Turks House: Line 225, Frame #400Wal-87FS Order # B547

    Brulatour Court: N/A Frame #400Wal-87FS Order # B547

    If interested please contact me via email.

  11. I think the three Coomer prints in our collection are probably enough for us right now but, if any of my readers are interested, I’ll put them in touch with you. Thanks, DeWayne!

  12. Wow, Lauren! It sounds like you’ve acquired a nice range of Coomer’s work. You may or may not know that he created non-cityscape serigraphs as well — images of playing cards, for instance. I don’t connect with those at all and wish he had just focused on the amazing cityscapes.

  13. It’s amazing that people keep coming here to discuss Coomer! I’m really not an authority on his work. Edita, I’ve seen one of his paintings on eBay for $15,000/BO, but I don’t think it’s sold. I really can’t guess at a fair price for a painting; maybe you could talk to an appraiser about it.

  14. Hey,

    I was walking my dog and I found two original serigraph (106 and 108) being put out for trash collection. I love the architecture and water colors. It looks like a spanish villa. Does anyone have know what city he is depicting or where I can find a title of this art work? I am trying to find out more about this artist. 🙂

  15. I’m guessing that this print on eBay may be part of your series, as it’s #109. [That seller is not going to get $225 for it, BTW.]

    I don’t know where that’s supposed to be, or if that print is even related to yours, but I do know that Coomer did some prints of New England fishing villages, Tahiti-looking beach scenes, and Italian-esque towns. My descriptions are vague because they’re based on what I can remember of prints of his that I’ve seen over the past years that didn’t personally resonate with me the way the cityscapes above do.

    Anyway, why is it that I’m not finding any Coomers in the trash?!?

  16. I really have no idea. A few years ago, when I first started keeping track of prices, Coomer prints seemed to be going for $100-200. The past year or so, I’ve seen them on eBay for $10-30 without any bids. You might check recent eBay listings for an indication of the current demand which, sadly, seems to be low.

    Put another way, now might be a good time to acquire Coomer prints. His work is great!

  17. I just found a Coomer at a thrift store titled
    Doors of Yesteryear
    Line #1707
    Order #B85
    Does anyone know how many were made? Value? And What does Line Frame and order # all mean?
    Thanks I usually buy frames to paint over and put other things in I’m glad i found this site.
    Is there anyone intrested in this one? I did take it apart to clean but saved the tag/label on back and plan to have it put back together
    If interested please contact me via email.

  18. The line/frame/order numbers all reference the image and frame, plus maybe something else — distinguishing one print in its series? As far as I’ve been able to tell, Coomer worked in editions of 100, usually doing series of several on one type of subject. The framed prints are more desirable and valuable than just the frames or the prints themselves, so I would keep everything intact.

    What’s the subject of your print? Is it a cityscape?

  19. I have kept everything intact I will take to frame shop to put the brown paper back on the back of the frame. I still have label. I didnt realize what it was till Started to take apart. I thought the frame was nice that what made me pick it up.
    the subject,: It’s a cool Red house with a blue/white house next to it a more suburban setting.

  20. Thanks it is really cool.
    If anyone interested please contact me.
    I might list it on ebay in the future.

  21. I have an original (I think) Mark Coomer water color of a mexican market scene. Does anyone know anything about.

  22. I bought two of his at an estate sale for$1.00! Perfect condition. I think they are cityscapes of Chicago. The frames are awesome-burlap shadowboxed. I love them.

  23. I’m still researching where to get a 1927 original Mark Coomer painting appraised. I’m from Bay City, MI. Mark Coomer’s secretary e-mailed me in 2003 stating it was worth $4000.00 to $20,000.00. – He used bees wax in his oils for painting.

  24. I bought 2 serigraphs by Coomer I have been trying to find out some things about them. Are they worth anything?
    Frame no 500, Inglecia de SanJuan and Puert la Forteleza. It says original a limited edition of 100. I sure would like to find out more about these. They are in metal framesl

  25. Hi, Connie. Allow me to quote a comment I previously made, “A few years ago, when I first started keeping track of prices, Coomer prints seemed to be going for $100-200. The past year or so, I’ve seen them on eBay for $10-30 without any bids. You might check recent eBay listings for an indication of the current demand which, sadly, seems to be low.”

  26. Hi. I have two Mark Coomers I am thinking they are of New Orleans? One is called Court of Two Sisters and the other is Maison Montegut. They are in original frames. They were my grandmothers and I almost garage saled them but looked at the pictures again and decided I like them and they would really match one of my rooms! I don’t love the frame but am scared to take them out because I have read he may have designed the frame? Has anyone else seen these pictures before? My grandmother just passed away at 94, she had great taste!

  27. Kim, the New Orleans prints that I’ve seen all have ornate wrought iron frames that were designed by Coomer for the series. Don’t take them out! One of things that’s great about Coomer’s prints is that he designed a specific frame for each series he did, and the framed serigraphs are more valuable.

  28. I have four Mark Coomer seriographs of New Orleans, in the original frames which are wood and wrought iron. I plan to sell them at a church rummage sale. Any idea what I should ask?

  29. Helene, check out my comments for my best price guesses and observations on recent trends. If you’d like a “fair” price, I suggest holding on to them and enjoying them for the moment.

  30. If anyone is interested in selling the original painting, we would be interested buyers. The Mexican market scene and the painting of the houses sound like his oil paintings, are they in wood frames. Would love to see them.

  31. I have two Mark Coomer serigraphs in their original wrought iron frames. They are called “patio” and they are both limited editions. What is their value?

  32. Darlene, please feel free to peruse the comments above for some recent prices that have been spotted over the past couple of years.

    For perspective, though, we just got one this morning at a local flea market in Cincinnati for $5. Context is everything, I guess.

  33. I have three limited serigraph edition artist mark coomer

    from 1914 oil painting please let me know if you have any idea how much would be worth it!!!

  34. the three paint that i have from mark coomer from 1914 are in wood frames…please let me know how much are worth it!!!

  35. Carmen, feel free to read the comments to this post for some broad ideas about current secondary market prices.

    Mark Coomer was born in 1914 and, although he was extremely prolific and had a long career, I sincerely doubt that the work you have dates from quite so early in his life.

  36. correction mark coomer was born 1914 , but three oil painting that i have are an original serigraph by mark coomer limited edition are wood frame. i do not know where in the frame i can find the year he paint these paints!!please would tell me where i can find where i can take this paints and get it appraised.

  37. I’m not sure I understand whether you have limited-edition serigraphs or original paintings. As you can read in the comments above, I did see a painting of his offered at 15k a while back, and also asking prices of $100-150 for his serigraphs. Typically, the ones in their original frames command higher prices. But, I’ve seen the serigraphs actually sell for a lot less, and I’ve purchased mine for less.

    If it’s a serigraph, it should have a label on the back that gives some information about each particular print, and which may include the publication year. Of course, it may be missing.

    If you have original paintings, try searching out a local art appraiser or gallery or auction house that specializes in vintage artwork. Good luck!

  38. I have a Mark Coomer Serigraph labeled “Watch repair Shop” It’s a washable painting. Any clues what it’s worth? It’s in a Wrought Iron Frame. It’s limited. Thanks

  39. I also have have a serigraph entitled “Watch Repair Shop,” but mine is in a shadowbox-type frame that’s painted dark red and green. The scene is of Greenwich Village in NYC. I don’t know if we have the same image, but I got mine for $10.

    Like I’ve written countless times before, these prints have been really inexpensive to acquire lately, but I’ve also seen much higher asking prices over the past few years. Feel free to peruse the comments above for some pricing ideas.

  40. Thank you vis for answering…was just curious as my mom had it hanging in the living room since I was a kid. That was 1956. I found it in my cellar when cleaning yesterday.

  41. Hi, I stumbled across two colonial Williamsburg, Virgina, prints in a Goodwill in Texas where I was working about a month ago. I was actually heading to the old LP section when these caught my eye. The vivid colors and style just grabbed me. I headed back to the hotel where I was staying to find out about this Mark Coomer. I was pleasantly surprised to find the information you have provided. I went back to buy the prints and they were 25% off so I got them with original frames for $20. You’re blog has inspired me to search for other similar artists like Nishijima, Takis, Charley Harper, Jim Flora, etc. Thanks for the info.

  42. Wow, that’s awesome! Coomer’s work isn’t valuable per se, but I just love these prints, and it’s great when I hear that the work resonates with other people as well. I think Takis’ prints are also very inexpensive, but the other artists you mentioned will probably be tougher to find on the cheap.

  43. I recently came across three of his limited edition serigraphs from the same series (#’s 1705 “Georgetown Heritage”, 1706 “Colonial Color”, and 1707 “Doors of Yesteryear”) and have them listed on eBay.

    Other than mention of “Door of Yesteryear” by another poster here I’ve found zero information about these specific serigraphs. I’m guessing they’re still not worth any more or less than his others and I priced them as such.

  44. Ooh, pretty! I’ve only seen those particular prints once myself, so I think they might be more rare than some of the others that I originally posted [I’m certainly no expert, but I have been paying attention to his work for the past few years]. Your prices seem fair, but I doubt they’ll sell quickly. It seems to be a buyer’s market for Coomers nowadays.

  45. I have 4 framed serigraph by Mark Coomer. Numbers 302, 303, 304, and 305 there are small labels in the upper corner. All from placed in California. I cannot find any info on these in regard to value. We have no attachements to them and would like to get rid of them as there were in a box we bought at an auction. Any help is appreciated.

  46. Sorry, I don’t think I’ve come across any California prints in my hunting, but I would imagine the values to be in line with what’s been mentioned above. What sorts of scenes are they, and what do the frames look like?

  47. My parents have 4 Coomer serigraphs in their house which I just inherited … Country Store, Country Church, Railroad Station and Barber Shop .. I’d like to sell .. any interest ???

  48. I have a Tarasco I would like to know how much it is worth it is a tin man. But, mine is from 1960’s. It is not in color.

  49. I’m not familiar with that particular print. Aside from the general statements regarding value that I’ve already made, I don’t have any other advice. Good luck!

  50. 30 years ago I purchased 3 Mark Coomer Williamsburg Va. serigraphs at an auction for $15. I loved Wmsb. and thought they were unlike any art work of the city that I had ever seen. We are about to retire and moving to — Williamsburg Va.!! Any idea if these prints are worth anything?? or it their beauty in the eye of the beholder!

  51. Judy, read the comments above to get a general idea of the current value. I can’t offer anything more specific than that. Coomer designed his own frames for the prints, and his prints are more desirable if still in their original frames.

  52. I puchased a Mark Coomer serigraph – called Toulouse Patio. Have not been able to find what it’s value is. Does anyone have any idea where I might find some information on this serigraph. It is a beautiful piece.


  53. I bought two Coomer’s at a yard sale for $12, one of them has the original label on the back “Blois Entrance to the Chateau” it shows the statue of Louis XII. The other I believe to be of a building in Rome. Both are beautiful and I love the frames!

  54. Nude oil painting of Mark Coomer’s wife
    My aunt Anne Brown used to work for Burger. If I remember they were on the 15th floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. That was at least 40 or so years ago. I would think they are no longer in business. She also worked For Lamaroux (sp)? She was a good friend of Mark Coomer and sold and represented his art his art in that showroom. After she died She left me one of her favorites…A nude of marks wife laying across a brass bed….Its beautiful….It was never for sale .It was a personal gift from Mark to my aunt and uncle. Mark stayed with them many times as a guest when he was in town. Anne lived on the south side of Chicago around 126th and State St. In 1999 I called the gallery in Arizona and Mark himself answered the phone…. I was in shock. I asked him if he remembered my aunt and he said “yes …She’s dead”…I asked if he remembered the painting he gave her and he said “Hell there were so many” I asked if he could put a value on the painting for insurance purposes. He told me “just hang the damn thing on the wall and enjoy it. …He was quite a character….My family has a lot of his work …I feel very luck that my aunt remembered me in her will….I was 10 when I first saw the picture. I am 61 now.
    If you know of someone that can give me a figure on the value of the painting I have please let me know. Thanks…….Dodge Boroian

  55. Wow, Dodge, this might be the perfect thing to bring to Antiques Roadshow! My only point of reference is the painting that I mentioned having seen on eBay. It was 15k, but I don’t know if that was a fair price, or if it ever even sold. You’ve got a wonderful story attached to it, so I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the painting.

  56. I think it is worth 30k or more ….it’s 27 x13 1/2 and it’s frammed in a very nice wormwood frame

  57. I’m looking for the pair of oil derrick paintings or any others that may be related to the industry. Anyone know of any sources? Thanks!

  58. Gordon, the two oil-related images shown here are the only examples of this subject matter that I’ve seen. They are screenprints, each printed in an edition of 100, and you can find them on the so-called “secondary market” — antique stores, eBay, garage sales, etc.

  59. I have 4 of Mark Coomers art pieces. They are actually a set of 4 and are of musicians like Bach!! I have never seen these before as all of his work seems to be of the city!

  60. Very cool! As far as I know, Coomer is best known for his cityscapes, but the examples that I’ve seen of other subject matter are pretty interesting as well. I’ve never come across your musician prints, though.

  61. Visualingua, I have another question – I found a Coomer print / serigraph that is for sale. It has Coomer’s signature at the bottom, but there is a “c” in a circle next to his name (the copyright symbol I’m assuming). Does this mean it isn’t one of the original prints? Or what does it mean in terms of whether it is worth paying $75-$100 for it, which appears to be a typical range for his pieces. Thanks! Gordon

  62. One of my prints has a copyright symbol on it. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t make any difference — these are all serigraphs on masonite, printed in editions of 100, and the value would depend on condition, framing, and subject matter.

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  64. I have 2 Mark Coomer serigraphs with the original labels on the back. One is titled Cabinet Maker’s Shop. Line# 639. Frame# 409si1-251wp. Order# B494 and the other is titled Nicolson’s Tailor Shop. Line# 640. Same frame# as the first one. Order # B494. Do you have any information on these, or any idea what they may be worth? Both are in excellent condition.

  65. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything beyond what I’ve already written in the comments above. A quick eBay search reveals a bunch of recently listed Coomer prints that did not sell; the prices were in the $35-125 range.

  66. I just went on this website. I have had for years 2 Mark Coomer Serigraphs.
    They are very different from what I see. One is a primitive face and the other is a primitive person. Don’t know if they are African or whatever?
    Do you have any info about this series?
    Lois T

  67. Lois, I do remember seeing a series of prints along the lines of what you’re describing. It was a few years ago, and I mostly remember not liking them the way I like the images above. So, I don’t know if they’re rare or what, but it sounds like you do have a couple of Coomers from an odd series of his.

  68. These don’t look like anything that you have on the website. I could take a picture to send you. Maybe someone else has something from the series. This was a set of 4 and was split
    with my sister-in-law.

  69. I think I’ve seen the series. You may want to just keep an eye out and search online every once in a while, or contact any dealers who seem to sell a lot of Coomers to see if they have further information about this series. Good luck!

  70. Richard Ward

    I have two Mark Coomer serigraphs progably painted around 1940. Looking for an interested buyer. Will describe the subject to those interested.

  71. Richard, your serigraphs are not paintings. They are screenprints on masonite. You probably want to photograph them and put together a full description before seeking interested buyers, as Coomer made a ton of prints on different topics. Good luck!

  72. my name is Paul , i just aquired a Mark coomer Original serigraph ,in the Back has ..
    The W.T Burger co.
    LA Porte IND.
    original Serigraph
    Line no. 1603
    Frame no.545 D&sd
    order no.B916
    subject : Washington Square
    Artist Mark A. Coomer

    gold color wood frame

    I kindly ,ask to know the value if anyone please could tell me


  73. Paul, I’m not an appraiser, but I see the same print on eBay right now. The current bid is $27. I’m pretty sure that the seller has been listing this same print on eBay for months now without any bids.

  74. Hi my Name is Gerry I have one of Mark Coomer limited edition serigraphs and trying to see how much it is worth
    The W.T Burger co.
    LA Porte IND.
    original Serigraph
    Line Number 234
    Frame Number 401 Wal
    Order Number B370
    Subject Little Shops Bourbon St.
    Artist Mark Coomer

  75. You can read through the comments above for some pricing thoughts. I see framed prints from the New Orleans series on eBay sometimes. They seem to sell for roughly $50 or so.

  76. My dad was a good friend of Mark’s, and when i was a child, Mark and Sally and their son Allen lived just a block from us in Prospect Heights, Il. I have many happy memories of times when we would get together. The friendship continued when the Coomers moved to Galena, Il, and one year we spent Thanksgiving at their victorian home, high up on the bluff. To make a long story short, Allen and I went sledding in the snowstorm that happened to fall that weekend; i ran head-first into an old stone block by the side of the street and had to be taken to the hospital, and my mother talked forever after about how Mark drove us all to the hospital, over the icy roads. I always thought he was a great guy.
    Susan Pelkey Brown

  77. My aunt has 4 Iron framed pics: Bay Window, Pink House, Picayune Store, LaFitt’s Blacksmith shop. I might not have spelled them correctly. They are in great condition. If interested please contact,

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  79. I appreciated Susan’s story. My mother also lived next door to Mark Coomer when she was a child. According to my mother, my grandfather, who was also an artist, would sometimes help Mark get work while he was trying to break through in the art world. As a thank you gift, Mark gave my grandparents four serigraphs of New Orleans, in plaster frames. They hung in my grandparent’s home until they gave them to my parents. They hung in my parent’s home until they started down sizing. Then they came to me. I actually called Mark when I became the owner of the serigraphs. Her remembered my grandpa!! When I told him which paintings I had, he told me that they are serigraphs (I had never heard the word before). When I told him that they were in plaster frames, he said, “wow, those are really old!” I was glad I took the time to call him. It brought the serigraphs full circle for me. These serigraphs now hang in my home and I tell the story whenever I can. My mother probably knew Susan’s mother.

  80. Wow, Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing your memories here. I’ve seen his New Orleans serigraphs in the more common wrought iron frames, which are gorgeous. I’ve never seen the plaster frames, so what you have sounds really special and unusual.

  81. I want to thank you for instructions on washing them. I will go slowly–I don’t believe they’ve ever been washed mostly because no one knew that was possible. That process is probably about six months out as that is when I’ll have time to take my time. I can hardly wait to see the colors pop. For my family and me–they are priceless!

  82. Washing one of these prints isn’t difficult, but keep it slow and steady! Make sure to use a non-abrasive cloth and only apply as much pressure as you really need to. I washed a Coomer serigraph that I got at a thrift store [the frame was broken and, when I removed it, it was obvious that the entire surface was badly stained]. I was surprised at how much of a difference this made. Good luck!

  83. I have a Mark Coomer serigraph in a scrolled metal frame. The sticker on the back says The W.T. Burger Co. La Porte, Ind. Original serigraph Line No. 158
    Frame No. 500 Order No. B839 Subject Creole Arches Artist Coomer

    Do you have any idea how much this should sell for? It is quite nice but doesn’t really go with my style.

  84. Debbie, it sounds like you have a print from his New Orleans series. I recommend checking eBay for an idea of current value. Specifically, you can search completed listings to see the winning bids for the serigraphs.

  85. Thank you very much,

    I wish ebay history went back a little further. Somebody was trying to sell a set of 3 with the same scrolled metal frames from the same series for 450 but nobody bought it, think I’ll put a tag for $50 and see if anybody at my moving sale seems interested in it.

    Thanks again!

  86. Honestly, the prices I’ve seen recently on eBay are all over the place. I think the appeal depends on the subject and the precise moment of listing a piece. Mostly, it seems like the serigraphs are overpriced and no one bids, but it depends. Good luck!

  87. I have 3 of them but I do not know what they are looking at one of them it is the police head quarters in Detroit 1300 Beaubien. The other two look like Chicago.

  88. Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen his images of Detroit [but maybe you’re looking at Chicago or NYC instead]. It sounds like you have some great Coomer prints!

  89. Where were you able to purchase yours in Cincinnati, visual lingual? How much were yours per serigraph? Thanks!

  90. Hi there. I got my prints in different places, but none in Cincinnati. They ranged from $10 to $35, or something like that. I always waited until the price and subject matter were right.

  91. i have Bruton Parish church, governor’s palace, colonial capital 1701, and marots ? 4 picture frame – Is this part of New Orleans Series

  92. I have the “”FAISENDIEU’S PATIO” and “GATE ON RAMPART ST.” in mint condition in original frames. They are beautiful.

  93. Hi,My name is Greg, I have an original Serigraph by Mark Coomer entitled The Bracken House (line no. 658 frame no 143UR-l94-149c-83tu. I’m trying to find the to find the age and value of this piece.
    Thank You

  94. Hello, Greg. Everything I know is in my original post, plus some readers have weighed in with comments here. Beyond that, you may want to do some research on eBay or in auction catalogs, or try to get the print appraised by a professional.

  95. Hi. I have a serigraph (a boat scene, might be one of his earliest ones?). I, also, have an oil painting of a pastoral scene that looks like it could be Italy that Mark Coomer painted and signed in 1923 (that’s correct) when he was 14! He gave this painting to my father who was a school friend who happened to be born the same day as Coomer. It’s a bit impressionistic and, I’m sure an imagined scene.

    Is anyone else interested in this painting?

  96. I’m now pleasantly going to be able to “join the crowd”. I found two Mark Coomer pieces at a yard sale in Florida for $1.50 each! they are about 12″ x 28 or 32″. The strange thing is they are on board or panel and don’t look like seigraphs. If they are paintings, they are very thinly painted, can’t really feel much texture. One thing that led me to believe they are paintings, other than being on board, they are not titled as I’ve seen on some serigraphs, and 2nd, the signature is underlined. I haven’t seen that on other pieces of his. I did remove the panels from the frame and indeed appear to be painted. For those people that have serigraphs, are they printed on paper that is then mounted to anything other than a backing?

  97. I’ve never seen any Coomer serigraphs on paper; he usually printed on Masonite, which is a type of board. I’ve also seen his prints without titles and with variation in the signature. So, it sounds to me like you probably came across a couple of serigraphs.

  98. I have four of his serigraphs that he originally gave to my grandfather. They do not have titles and his signature is underlined.

  99. Evelyn H:
    I have an Original Serigraph by Mark Coomer. Marked ‘A Limited Edition Of 100 Prints Of This Subject’. From The W, J. Burger Co. Le Porte, Ind. We purchased it in 1960 from an interior decorator. It is completely different from any others I have read about. It is of an African-American gardener planting geraniums, titled “Green Thumb” above his signature on lower right hand area on front of picture. It is in original frame of wood shadowbox. style. Says it is “hand made frame designed and finished by the artist”.. I am interested in selling it.

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