Work for Food Program at Thistlehair Farm: five hours of work per week gets you a free CSA share at this area farm.

Urban Panoramas: this amazing exhibit of photos by Thomas R. Schiff is currently on view at the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati.

The City to Scale: Cincinnati Modeled: awesome compilation of models of Cincinnati and parts thereof.

You, Too, Can Own a Piece of the (Mini) City: meanwhile in Queens, you can own a piece of the historic model of NY, originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair.

Backdrop for a 1907 Bailout: cool technology meets hot eye candy in this interactive panorama of J.P. Morgan’s private study.

Who’s Hacking These Signs?: LOL in NYC.

Even Cleveland: is this my Cleveland doppelganger? Yeah, sort of.


One thought on “Elsewhere

  1. thanks, maya!

    this is a great Elsewhere. panoramas, a mini city, and velvet galore – wow.

    thanks esp. for the “mini city” link – I’m a big fan (and semi-collector) of the 64 world’s fair, but hadn’t seen that before.

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