Northside Guerilla Farmer: “Waging war against tasteless, overpriced vegetables, by teaching you to grow your own!”

The Roots of Live, Work and Play: the popular marketing trifecta [closely related to OTR’s own Live, Shop, Play] is examined.

Riding the Rails: “Riding the rails isn’t quite the romantic journey it once was. But for one traveler, a cross-country trip was a way to reconnect with America.”

Cass Avenue’s Exotic Chin Tiki Is No More: kitschy Detroit icon is razed to make way for more parking and possibly a new hockey arena.

Guerrilla Marketing Without the Headache: a clever-ish projected ad for Tylenol PM is examined.

Watchmen’s New York: visual comparison between 1980s NYC scenes and The Watchmen.

All Boarded Up: godspeed, Cleveland.


3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. The razing of the Chin Tiki is a travesty. There are no plans for that small site surrounded by what is essentially a moonscape of hideous surface lots west of woodward (save the adjacent and now-endangered Moose Hall). Any talk of a new hockey areana is pure fantasy. Just as with the Madison-Lenox, the Statler and Tuller sites and countless others, the building will gave way to a gravel lots holding a handful of parked cars for over-priced entertainment spectacles at nearby venues.

    I had been inside the Chin Tiki a few times..never when it was actually operating…but it was well preserved. Really a shame.

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