A Word from the NYC Embassy

Cincinnati sign

I seem to be a magnet for New Yorkers [faux real and for real] in Cincinnati. Last week, I met a man who was in town briefly, and staying downtown. He was refreshingly unjerk-like, so we chatted about things to do over the weekend. I told him about Bockfest and encouraged him to venture north to Grammer’s.

I wonder if he ended up going. With all the gunfire I heard Saturday night, I’m kind of hoping he didn’t. I love it when out-of-towners can have a good time in Cincinnati, especially in OTR, but maybe Saturday night wasn’t the night for that.

Anyway, he was in town with the Broadway Across America production of Frost/Nixon, which was at the Aronoff last week, and he gave me a couple of comp tickets.

I invited a friend to go with me — I met her last summer, right after she moved to Cincinnati from NYC. In fact, she’s from my old neighborhood [East Flatbush] and now living in my current neighborhood [OTR]. What are the chances? So, of course we have a bond. I’m her informal advisor for all things Cincinnati and, the last time I randomly got free tickets to an event [a Reds game, thanks to CityKin], she accompanied me as well.

And this out-of-towner? His name is Ted Koch, and he played the part of Jack Brennan in the play. He actually played a brusque, jerk-like character, but was very sweet and unassuming in person. Thanks for the tickets, Ted, and I’ll be checking your IMDB profile for upcoming projects!


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