Mixed Media Work by Darra Crosby

16 Green Knoll Ct. by Darra Crosby

NYU- and SCAD-educated, current Portlander Darra Crosby uses chalk and acrylic to depict homes in which she has lived or spent time, starting at the front door of each one and rendering all the details she can remember. “The more discernible objects and areas are made permanent with paint, while those left in chalk represent the fragile memories flirting with disappearance.”

Mezzie's House by Darra Crosby

29 Elm Terrace by Darra Crosby

15 7th Ave. by Darra Crosby

From the top: 16 Green Knoll Ct., Mezzie’s House, 29 Elm Terrace, and 15 7th Ave.


5 thoughts on “Mixed Media Work by Darra Crosby

  1. There is something to be said for breaking out of your comfort zone and investigating and celebrating the wide world. While the craft is good, this borders on navel gazing IMO.

  2. Can’t decide whether I like the last one or the second to last one the best. Both are great, and I especially like the splashes of color they offer.

  3. Mike, your point is valid, although there’s also something to be said for limiting your view and closely examining one specific thing or place. [I’ve been doing that with aspects of the basin, and I’d hardly call that navel-gazing.] I have been noticing a trend in art of fetishizing minutia, often of the domestic variety. What’s the reason? I may be reaching here, but I suspect it has its roots in deep-seated anxiety.

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