Ohio River Coasters in Cincinnati Magazine

Ohio River coasters in pink+brown polka blobs

The March issue of Cincinnati Magazine has a feature on the cool shops around 12th and Vine in OTR, including two that stock our work: Park+Vine and MiCA 12/v. Our Ohio River coasters got a mention, too!

In Over-the-Rhine, writer Joy Kraft checked out all the other awesome stores as well, including Outside, City Roots, A Lucky Step, Metronation, Little Mahatma, Joseph Williams Home, and Switch. She uncovered “a hip, eco-friendly sensibility, with plenty of local craftspeople,” and the article shows or mentions wares by Pat Meier, Beth Porter, Three Sheets 2 the Wind, and Refined Sugar Studio. She put our work in the company of some of the coolest people in town!

Here’s a funny little anecdote involving Joy Kraft… A little over a year ago, when she was still writing for the Enquirer, Joy discovered the Ohio River coasters online and contacted me about including them in her local shopping column. Our phone conversation went something like this:

“So, where are your coasters being sold?”

“Umm, can I call you right back?”

With that, I ran to MiCA 12/v and, luckily, Mike agreed to carry the coasters. Thus, a micro enterprise was born. Thanks, Joy, for being the catalyst!


10 thoughts on “Ohio River Coasters in Cincinnati Magazine

  1. Thanks, Randy. Each set of four retails for $48, and they’re available in limited-edition solids and patterns, with the selection changing seasonally and/or on a whim. For anyone not in the Cincinnati area, they’re for sale in our online shop as well.

  2. Thanks! You could never accuse us of being overly pragmatic. For the past year or so, the strategy has more or less been to fall backwards into fortuitous situations. Hey, whatever works, right?

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  4. Thanks for the information. Will these still be for sale say 6 months from now? I will be furnishing a new place and might find these to be a neat addition.

  5. Of course! The available colors will probably be different, but people will still need coasters six months from now. It is funny that local architects and planners are the ones buying these — that might be the smallest demographic ever.

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