Edie Harper Exhibit: Unseen Mid-Century Works: the Modern art of Cincinnati’s own Edie Harper is honored in an exhibit as part of this weekend’s 20th Century Cincinnati.

After Lots of Work, NYC Diner Reopens in Wyoming: the bizarre tale of the Moondance Diner moving from Manhattan to new digs in Nowheresville, Wyoming.

Stick Stuck: thoughts on prefab homes.

Monomobile: apparently, “electric monorail car” is code for “we are perpetuating an involved hoax.” There’s no way this is a serious proposal; are people really this silly?

Yo, Brooklyn Brand, What’s Up?: when you look up “jumped the shark” in the dictionary, you go straight to this article. Yes, Virginia, Queens is the new Brooklyn…

Michigan Central Station: Michigan Central Station, located in the Corktown district of Detroit, Michigan, was constructed in mid-1913 for the Michigan Central Railroad; see it now in words and pictures.

Evolution of the Household: 1950 to Today: funny and interesting comparison of domestic life and expenses over the past 50 years.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. man, I love edie harper – amazing how underappreciated she is/was. Net Prophet, and even sketches like Turnip… just amazing.

  2. Agreed. I think she and Charley had a beautiful, holistic partnership. Her work definitely holds its own but doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I especially love her Biblical illustrations [not so much the Biblical part, but the visual storytelling part].

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