Mollenkamp Tile in OTR

Mollenkamp tile in OTR

Check out this ampersand I found on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine!

Mollenkamp tile in OTR


14 thoughts on “Mollenkamp Tile in OTR

  1. That is just one of many gorgeous tile mosaics hidden throughout OTR. Have you seen the one on the Germania Building on 12th and Walnut? The tiled floor in the bar room at Grammer’s is one of the largest and most beautiful original tiled floors I’ve seen around the neighborhood. I’m sure there are many more of those that have been covered up or forgotten about for years just waiting to be discovered again.

  2. I’ve got a similar example of tile in my queue. It’s odd, but I’m not that shocked. You see that symbol in so many innocent places! Anyway, thanks for pointing out this tile; I’ll have to document it as well one of these days.

  3. Yo, thank you for pointing this out and capturining its beauty on your blog. One can feel the attention this project recieved from it’s creator.

    Keep up the cool pictures.

  4. Wow, Kevin! This is on Main St., and I photographed it over two years ago. One of these days, I’ll have to go check it out again to make sure that it hasn’t been rehabbed out of existence.

  5. I gave the woman who now has a store on the ground floor of the building a copy of an ad for Mollenkamp Furniture a few months ago.

  6. This business was owned by a professional baseball player Fred Mollenkamp. I am a college student doing research on a woman that lived near my school and has some sort of tie with the Mollenkamp furniture company. I see that someone on here commented that their Grandfather owned this address. I”m looking for further information on the this and would appreciate any info.

  7. Hi. Fred Mollenkamp was my great uncle. He played about 3 games for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1914. The business was founded by my Great Grandfather – also named Fred. I think it was started before 1900.

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