Equine Branding

Cincinnati Police Department mounted unit

Have you ever noticed that the Cincinnati Police Department horses features this bit of bum branding? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it elsewhere, so I recently asked one of the cops on the downtown beat about it. He said that Cincinnati is not unique in this, but that it is unusual.

The cop also said that people frequently ask [or express outrage] about the horses being actually branded, like, with a hot brand, rather than a shaving device. [And a stencil? Is that how it’s done?] In a city famous as a branding capital, it seems fitting that our hardworking equine friends are appropriately branded.

Cincinnati Police Department horse


6 thoughts on “Equine Branding

  1. I’m guessing they do this so they can tell the difference between their horses and all the other wild horses roaming the streets of the city. BUMper sticker of sorts?

  2. I always thought it was clipped into the hair, not burned into the hide… Given the way the edges of the design are real clear and no scars that I’ve ever seen…

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