Shakedown in Chitown: painter Cedric Cox is in a group exhibit celebrating Black History Month at Maison Rouge Gallery in Chicago.

QCS: Behind the Asphalt: Queen City Survey examines the life of Robert Hosea, for whom Hosea Ave. is named.

A Real Life Extra: $100 to Look Employed: NYC architecture firm employs the unemployed to pose as employees. In other news, my brain just exploded.

Greetings from Sheepshead Bay, 1994: a Brooklyn mural entitled Sheepshead Bay’s Historic Future is dissected 15 years after its creation.

The Return of the Native: Urbanophile explores the issue of “boomerang migration,” specifically as it relates to the Midwest.

Feelin Really ’Stuck’ Lately: “Is San Francisco more authentic than Brooklyn? Or is Minnesota the new Brooklyn? Or is Minnesota the new Australia?” Deep thoughts with the Hipster Runoff.

The Downturn’s Upside: N.Y.C. May Finally Regain Its Character: Jeremiah of Vanishing New York lauds the return of streets paved with gum. However, the real question is, “Will the Warriors return to reclaim Coney Island?

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