Times Square Gets a Heart (Limited Time Only!): “public art” courtesy of jewelry maker Zales.

That Special Kind of Love: in St. Louis, a Valentine’s Day love-in to save a Modern building.

9 Gigantic Hearts From Above: crazy — heart-shaped lakes, islands, forests, etc. all over the world.

Home Improvement and DIY Nightmares: things that make you go, “WTF?”

Bodegueros Tienen los Bolsillos Rotos: a call for a massive bailout of NYC’s independent retailers, specifically its 16,000 bodegas. En Español, claro que si.

Google Taking a Step Into Power Metering: Google will soon offer PowerMeter, a free service designed to help control the demand for electric power as an alternative to building more power plants.

Cincinnat’s Forgotten Railroad History: tons of photos of local rail-related sites, including Union Terminal, River Rd. Amtrak station, and the Purple People Bridge.


One thought on “Elsewhere

  1. Re: Cincinnati’s Forgotten Railroad History, Queen City Discovery, aka QCDisco, is maybe the most underrated blog containing Cincinnati subjects. Railroad history is only a small part of it. Check out his exploration of the old Hudepohl Brewery in Queensgate.

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