Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit 2009: on Sat 24 Jan, the seventh annual Neighborhood Summit will focus on finding solutions to common problems the city and its neighborhoods face.

Holiday Survives: if you know me, you know I’m not much of a barfly. But, the Holiday Cocktail Lounge is an exception, and I’m proud to count myself among the proprietor’s many “bullshitters and faggots.” Ahh, but for how long?

LEGO Goes Urban – What Others are Doing: the LEGO shenanigans continue!

Coney Offensive Begins, But Nathan’s Dogged By Questions: the details of the rezoning plan have been unveiled and are now up for public review, and rumors of Nathan’s flagship location closing are swirling about.

Foods Mom (or Dad) Made: speaking of food and place, Wit, Wisdom & Food takes on the smell/taste/emotion trifecta.

It’s Moving Day for 2 Families: the peaceful transfer of power is accompanied by a swift and choreographed Moving Day in the White House.

A New Look at the Multitalented Man Who Made Tropical Landscaping an Art: an exhibit in Rio de Janeiro looks at the work of Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.


One thought on “Elsewhere

  1. That landscaping exhibit looks great, gives me a lot of inspiration for some of my own projects. A definite bookmark; thanks!

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