Free Space Projects

Free Space Projects

The Main St. storefront formerly occupied by Mahatma is now for rent. The window also has a sign that says “Free Space Projects.” I was going to ask my fine readers if you know what this means, but first I had to try to answer my own question.

Free Space Projects

And, I found this [this flyer repurposes a Cometbus cover].

Free Space Projects

My question, then, is — do you know anything more about this?


6 thoughts on “Free Space Projects

  1. YES! I went to that 24-hour zine workshop!

    Here’s the deal–a bunch of art students from UC walked around downtown, looking for empty storefronts back in late fall. They finally found a landlord who was willing to let them use the space for free until spring as long as they paid for utilities and the security system. (better than having it empty all winter!)

    it was a lot of fun… i should put up some scans of the four-page zine i made.

  2. Hello! I was one of the two students that started free space (which ended up being run by four DAAP students.) Free Space had music shows of all different kinds, noise, punk, folk, jazz, etc, formal gallery openings and “open mic/ open wall nights.” We couldn’t afford to keep Free Space open because the landlord found another renter but we’re going to be getting a artist space up again soon, hopefully by final friday in October! We’re just having trouble finding a space.

    Anyway, this was our flickr account if you’re still curious:

    And if you happen to see any more vacant gallery spaces please send me an email!

  3. How awesome! Lindsay, thank you so much for sharing the photos and information. I love seeing things like this happening in Cincinnati. You may want to get in touch with Urban Sites and the other property owners in OTR — there’s plenty of empty storefront space in the neighborhood. The challenge, I think, is insurance and all that other administrative stuff.

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