It’s 10 O’Clock, Do You Know Who Your City Is?: Chicago Carless takes on the visitor web sites for Chicago and Cincinnati and is not impressed by either.

Cincinnati Farm Program Could Be in Place by Spring: wow, people, this is amazing progress…

Mexico Tells Citizens to Swallow Their Gum: great advice from Ricardo Jaral, Mexico City’s “general in the war on discarded chewing gum.”

A New Name for Our Premier Waterway: Erik Baar wants to rename the East River the “Gotham Strait.”

Kevin James Named His Daughter Shea, As in Stadium: the guy from King of Queens named his daughter after the Mets’ Shea Stadium!

Go Behind the Scenes with Katelynn from ‘The Real World: Brooklyn’: “I think the communities band together because they are so accustomed to being the underdog, living on the fringes of society. They have created this support system, which was also tough to break into at first. Sort of like the mafia.”

Next Public Art Will Be Blowing in the Wind: the public art program in Indy is on a roll, with kinetic sculptures by George Rickey to follow the current Chakaia Booker exhibit.

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. i am fascinated that they have both a cincyusa.com and a cincinnatiusa.com, and that the websites fundamentally depict 2 different cities based on general tourist vs. convention goer audiences. and i bet they are right, that there are two basically distinct types of urban visitors, who experience two different kinds of city, but cincyusa/cincinnatiusa can’t be the way to differentiate/target them. although here is maybe their cleverness: cincyusa.com for convention goers depicts compact downtown, and THUS the name is shorter, and cincinnatiusa.com is longer to make city seem larger for the shoppers/theme park people. that might be smart thinkings. i should never be allowed to work in the branding industry

  2. I hate that the farm program is called a farm program. I love its intentions and purpose, but would just rather it be called an urban gardening plan or something like that. The whole urban farm description has an relationship that I don’t think sounds that great at first glance.

  3. I completely agree about the “urban farm” name. Anthrocinci, I think you might be onto something in your own, twisted way. I guess I never noticed that two sites because I look at them about as frequently as I read the, ahem, Enquirer. What a silly distinction they make!

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