Japp’s on Main St. in OTR

Japp's on Main St. in OTR

Beneath the grime of Over-the-Rhine, the facade and entryway to Japp’s are a veritable treasure trove of pattern and typography. Paying close attention has such rich rewards.

Japp's on Main St. in OTR

Japp's on Main St. in OTR

Japp's on Main St. in OTR

Japp's on Main St. in OTR

Japp's on Main St. in OTR

7 thoughts on “Japp’s on Main St. in OTR

  1. Japp’s use to be a hair store and belonged to my great grandfather, John G. Japp. I have never been able to go into the building when it was Japp’s Bar. I wanted to see the memorabalia that was supposedly on display. Thanks for posting these pictures…it warms my heart to see our family name in mosaic.

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  3. Linda, We would love it if you could come to our grand opening on June 23rd. It would mean a lot to all of us to have someone from the Japp’s family attending. We will be using as much of the old Japp’s stuff as we can and one of the rooms will actually be a museum room. Cincinnati has such great history and we are excited to be able to preserve as much of it as we can.

  4. Hi, this is Linda Japp McManness and I saw the above invite to attend the grand opening to Japps’s bar…. but as of today it’s sept. 23, 2012, and I saw the above invite TOO late 😦 Was just back home visiting Cincinnati this past weekend and had no idea Japp’s reopened. But, will make a point to stop in and tour the building next visit…would be so wonderful to see where my great, great grandfather had his business. I recall my dad and grandfather both talking about him. My brother has a family book that has stories about J.G. Japp as well.

  5. Linda, this new Japp’s is definitely worth a visit, and the space incorporates some items from its previous incarnation. I hope you’ll have a chance to check it out sometime!

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