Bellonby Sign in OTR

Bellonby sign in OTR

It’s not exactly tile, but it is a ghost sign, spotted on Vine St. between 13th and 14th Sts. in the in Over-the-Rhine of Cincinnati, just north of downtown.

Bellonby sign in OTR

Bellonby building in OTR

Bellonby building in OTR

Bellonby building in OTR


17 thoughts on “Bellonby Sign in OTR

  1. Probably from the Bellonby Furniture Store, owned by my father’s dad Ray E. Bellonby, and active for many years in Cincinnati. And yes, looks like terazzo.


  2. I’m curious as well – would appreciate any local knowledge. I remember a childhood visit to the store (the 60s?, fascinated by the old dusty furniture in the back room, and watching my grandfather snooze in a showroom chair.

  3. Mark, I’ve added photos of the building to this post. Enjoy! The sign on the right says that it’s a 3CDC [local community development corp.] project, and the writing above the door says [the URL is no longer valid]. It was last a club called the Warehouse, but I don’t know anything more about it. I suspect that Mike, Kevin, or Dan could fill in some details.

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  6. I have just recently purchased a table and and 4 chairs that have the Bellonby name on the underneath of the table. My husband found it when he was fixing the table. Is it possible you might know something about this furniture or could you possibly lead me to someone who might know. We took the one chair to a refinisher to have fixed, but would like to know something about this before we decide to have it fixed. Thank-you in advance.

  7. What a fascinating find! I don’t know anything about Bellonby furniture, but I’ll let you know if I find someone who might have useful information for you.

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